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This game seemed a bit broken at first when trying to pick up a cigar, but then it gradually started to pick up a bit. I got into the "Elevator" and then..... nothing? I was so confused at that point lol

Anyway, here's my video (sorry for my negativity, if any lol)

This was great! Loved the vibe of it!

This is a good idea a bit of an confusuing ending.


This was not bad for a short game. Although did not expect that ending lol. Also made a video on it.

SKIP TO 7:25!!!

gg (skip to 5:50)


Extremely well done with the atmosphere! Really creepy, just wish there was more to it! Can't wait for an update! 

Very scary, the elevator part was terrifying.


Ha! Nice. The ending was weird but overall it was fun!

"i got scared by goofy cat" :DD

The game must be fun, but I can't play it.

如果我打中文会很奇怪吗Translation:(Would it be weird if I typed in Chinese?)

This game is very difficult for me to play (there is something wrong with my computer). It's like a slide show. I haven't played it much yet. Can you tell me something about it? 我还不知道能不能打中文呢


has anyone solved the "someone.rar" thing,he needs help, he has a youtube channel, go check it, there's a video with hexadecimal codes, and if you translate it, it says "help me please, and if you translate it to numbers, it gives you some other code, you're hiding something Story Teller, if that's your name, and i'll find it, i'll solve it!


wait for other games. :)

i will, can you give me clues?

Please check out my game too, it is linked to my account


Very strange and quite creepy! That ending tho...first game in the video :)

(1 edit) (+1)

this was really good! Built up a lot of tension throughout. I wish there was more to discover, but this is such a good start! Here's my playthrough: 


it seems i'm the only one interested in your stuff, what is this image?

screenshot of "Videocassettes"


The jumpscare actually got me lol.


WORST JUMPSCARE OF MY LIFE (Scary) | The Elevator Gameplay

Great Work Devs :)

you got me good over there

Ends a bit too abruptly but definitley not for people afriad of haunted apartment buildings. 


I don't know if I actually finished the game. Its a fun game nonetheless


Good game. The cheap jumpscare actually got me! Too bad I can't rate it, I love rating games after playing them or watching somebody else play it. This one would get 5 stars :D

Can't open! Help!


Im not sure if I finished the game right haha, but I liked playing it. Make more scary pixelated games! :D please

Here is my gameplay, I hope you enjoy, and if you subscribe to my channel... that would be AMAZING! :D


i'm working on a new game right now! :D

what, is, your, secret
from all of your coments, i think i'm the only one interested in your "someone.rar", "someone.mp3" stuff, the second, you post this new game, i'll play it, and i'll solve your enigma "Story Teller"


played your game in an indie romp video. you got me with the spook haha. hope you enjoy the video

your game starts 7:24

Yeah boy. Thanks 4 da video. Keep up the good work :)


I liked the idea, it reminded me of lost in vivo.

Although it was short, i enjoyed playing it

I was inspired by several games: Imscared, Puppet Combo Games, and Lost In Vivo :)


The mystery continues...maybe.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

thanks 4 da video, bro! :)

No ending??

What to do after we get on the Elevator?

this is the ending.



Where is the game?

In Developing. Release soon



Beta out now.